What is MAJIKAO ??

MAJIKAO related company of OKAJIMA CO.,LTD We are importing by Kimono`s design from OKAJIMA.after We are doing revival and redesign of fits for young generation. Every design  basically using by lining of Kimono there are  call it ``HAURA``also every design was born in about 100 years ago made by Okajima`s artisan.There HAURA desing we have total 500 pattern. each design epic color contrast and super modern pattern.When I saw first time OKAJIMA`S HAURA design the contrast has been indelibly etched in my mind .Please check it our HAURA products  

Have you ever heard of


lining of Kimono call by HAURA

Some of the our  HAURA collection  

one of the most  typical design 

 ``Red Snappers`` 

About 100 years ago Okajima`s artisan inspire from ``Kandinsky``you can see people mixing a very crowed and epic  color balance  

Hundred Beauty  
They wearing typical Japanese clothing with blue and white some point is purple one of the most  exotic tasting design our collection   

There are 100% original HAURA sauce  cross the over 100year now we are revival 

``Kousi Monyou``
actually this is not original color contrast but  feeling much more better from original so it`s mean MAJIKAO`s not only just install for products.any time we are thinking for which color is suits for now generations